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Genesis Detail Genesis




I want to focus on the ability of gene technology to modify nature which we often understand as the origin of beauty. After spending time with them, the objects appear more foreign and strange than they seemed the first moments. The motives are selected fruit, in this case Horse Chestnuts (Aesculus hippocastanum) och Datura. The fruits are transformed into different shapes as of a life cycle, but where you, after a while of watching, sense abnormal expressions. Genesis is all about human interference in what we call the Beauty of Nature. Fright and beauty is growing together to a unity and are no longer divided into natural and unnatural.

In this sequence I have tried to install fright in beauty, not as opposed to it, but as an element that grows into beauty as a unity and has its own unique expression. Using inspiration from the changes of nature, the expression become poetic and thereby describes the deeper layers of human being. The consistency of isolating and repeating a single object increases the richness of detail when presented enlarged.

The cycle of life, birth, growing, ageing and death are threads leaping through all my work and generate a connection with the title.

I mitt Genesis-projekt, som för närvarande är under utveckling, är mitt fokus inriktat på att vända och vrida på frågor om motsättningen (?) mellan genteknikens möjlighet att modifiera naturen och det vi kallar naturens skönhet. I en verklighetsiakttagelse kombinerad med aningar och föreställningsförmåga, skildras element i förfall i bildkompositioner som relaterar till livet och förgängligheten. Livets cykler med födelse, växt, åldrande och död är tråden som löber genom mina arbeten.