2022Arvika Konsthall SE
2021National Library Blue Matters Riga LV
Broby Culture house Cropped appearance SE
PLMC Museum Global center in Cesis See Beyond LV
Art center Konstepidemin Tempus Fugit Göteborg SE
Art window Havneholmen København DK
2020Klippan Konsthall Nature´s Breath SE.
2019Krapperups Konsthall ON EARTH IN THE SUN
Hoeganaes SE
2018Farum Culture House On earth in the sun DK
Pakhuset Culture house Natureality Odsherred DK
Solvesborg Konsthall Remembrance Blekinge SE
Svaneholms slott Under the skin SE
Toldboden Remembrance in blue Kerteminde DK
2017Ängelholms Konsthall Galleri Moment Refractions SE
2014Gallery Pictura Scania Art Museum department of
Cultural Sciences Accents University of Lund SE
Brosarps mässhall. A journey in and out of reality SE
2013 Galleri Valfisken Kulturhus Metamorphose
Simrishamn SE
2007Brorson Church Faces of Silence Copenhagen DK
2006Fussingø castle Arts and Culture Center Metallic Figurations Randers DK
2005Gallery Polka Dot Under the Skin Copenhagen DK
2002Leoni Gallery In Another Light Viborg DK
2001Billedstedet Brovst The industrial baron’s childhood DK
Moestings hus In a Different Light Copenhagen DK
2000Leoni Gallery Faces of Silence Viborg DK
1999Gallery Henrik Kampmann Reminiscences
Copenhagen DK
1997Culture House. Art Corridor Nadada. Timeless Mosaic. Copenhagen. DK
2021Waterston House. Insectum – Fascination and Fear
Society of Scottish Artists Aberlady SCO
Annaborg Art center CLINCH Illuminated DK
2018Janus – Western Jutland Museum of Art Silence and Echo Nordic group exhibition Tistrup DK
2016Chapel Hall. Memorial for the sailors of World War II. Memorial Foundation and Architects Association.
Copenhagen DK
Kirsten Kjaers Museum Frostrup. 100 years of voting rights DK
Gammelgaard Art and Culture center. 100 years of voting rights. DK
2015Edsvik Konsthall SE
2014The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg castle. The Carlsbergs Foundation Award. Portrait Now! DK
2013Ljungberg Museum Kronobergs Läns Visual Arts Museum Ljungby SE
Broesarps Konsthall. Vaarsalong SE
2012 Factory Art Gallery. Born to be alive – I tell you we must die! Berlin DR
Dunkers Culture House Museum in Helsingborg
Salon 2012 SE
2011 Art Museum Brandts. 50 year commemoration exhibit Amnesty International Odense DK
2009 Building House Art Gives Life DK
Climate Exhibition Gjethuset i Frederiksvaerk DK
2008Gallery Susanne Eriksen Elsinore DK
2005Skive Art Museum Amazing Figurations DK
2004Culture Warehouse Aspects II Odsherred DK
2003Gallery Rasmus Congress Centre Art Herning DK
Centre Culturel Christine Peugeot A praise of small format Paris FR
Marienlyst castle Teddybears Elsinore DK
Knowledge and Art Hall for Contemporary Art In another light Hillerod DK
2002 Salon d’ Automne Figuration Espace Auteuil Paris FR Gallarie Vieille du Temple Salon International d ‘Art Contemporain ARTEC 2002 Paris FR é grand grand prix d’ arts plastique de St Raphaël FR
Rundetaarn King Alcohol’s Faces Copenhagen DK Gallery Epoke Summer Exhibition Vejle DK
Leoni Gallery Herning Herning Kongrescenter Weltchronik DK
The New Kastet MulThy – Mini (0-03) The Old Town Hall Thisted DK
2001L`aigle De Nice Great International Prize for Plastic Arts FR
National Museum of Arte Salon Internacional de Arte SIART La Paz BO
Musée des Beaux-Arts Prix de la Ville du Locle 4E Concours Triennal International de L’ Estampe Original CH
Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition Piccadilly London UK
Salon d ‘Automne Figuration 100th Anniversary Exhibition Grand Palais Paris FR
Gallery Anne Marie. Summer and winter exhibition
Copenhagen DK
1999Art Fair in Forum Gallery Henrik Kampmann Copenhagen DK
1996Gallery 12 DR TV Interview by Stig Krabbe Barfoed Aarhus DK
The Paper Factory Kulturspinderiet Silkeborg DK
1995 The Independent Autumn Art Exhibition Danish Artist Association Copenhagen DK
15-16Amboltaurus at the waterhole Sculpture group and new town square. Collaboration with swedish
landscape architect Christer Göransson Grenaa DK
09-12Total decoration HSM Steel Industri A/S Grenaa DK
1997 Roskilde Business School DK
2007Gyldendal Publishing house Illustrations Frontpage vignettes Powermen by Vibeke Hartkorn DK Webbased teaching material for the Public school Billedkunstskabet DK
1998Astrid Lindgren 90th birthday The Great Book Egmont Foundation. DK
2012Mayor’s Portrait of School Mayor Per Bregengaard Copenhagen City Hall DK
2006Portrait of Urmager Ole Mathiesen Copenhagen DK
1998Mayor Portrait of Ruth Scharling Thisted City Hall DK
Ängelholm Municipality. Tetra Pak in Lund. Magistrate Collection at Copenhagen City Hall. Thisted City Hall. Women’s crisis center at Norrebro. Egmont. Copenhagen. Regional Hospital Skive. Roskilde Business College. HSM Industri. 3M. Fight against cancer. Hydro Texaco. Skive Folkeblad. Skive Municipality. Art Foundation of FYN. Roskilde Business College. DAKO. Educational Central. Private collections.
20 DAW. The danish Art Workshops. NEST 05/19 DAW. The Danish Art Workshops. Danish Ministry of Culture. Stone print + photogravure. Copenhagen. 07 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Continuing education. Copenhagen. DK. DK. 1996-98 Graphic workshop. Culture house Havarthigaarden. Holte. DK 94-95 The University of Education. Visual Communication. Music – aesthetic Studies. DK 90-91 The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Continuing education. Academy of Fine Arts Design School. Drawing. Continuing education. Copenhagen. DK
90-91 Billedskolen på Jagtvej by Bjørn Braaten. 1st year. Copenhagen. DK
91 Classical drawing school by Askov Jensen. New Carlsbergs Glyptotek. Copenhagen. DK 86-93 Blaagaard Statsseminarium. Religion. Visual Arts. Copenhagen. 88 Holbaek Folk Art school. DK
08 Guest teacher at Eidar Art Center.
Nature – Man Made Structures. Architecture and Nature. Myndlistaskólinn, The school of Visual Arts, Reykjavik. The Reykjavik Art School. ARKKI School of Architecture, Camp Young Art. Helsinki. IS

07 Lecturer. Guest teacher. Art Camp and Workshop. Visual and Performing Art Festival. Warsaw. PL

1994-12 Art teacher at the school of Visual Art for children and young people at the Twin Hall. Copenhagen. DK

1996-98 Art teacher at the school for Visual Arts for children and young people in Valby, Copenhagen. DK/ Art teacher at the youth school at Osterbro. Copenhagen.

1997-99 Project Manager for the Egmont Foundation. Art Project for children. Transformation ball. DK

2004-08 Inspiration Courses for Art teachers in the public school. DK

2005-06 Art educator at Teacher Association in drawing. Circuit 7. Hillerod. DK

2007 Technical Education Copenhagen. Terrain Vaque. DK

2005 Guest lecturer at Thorstedlund Folk Art school. Painting programme. Cultural landscapes. Frederikssund. DK
20 DAW. The Danish Art Workshops. Danish Ministry of Culture. 19 Gottfred & Gerda Eickhoff’s Fund. DK. Anna E. Munch’s Scholarship. DK. DK. 19 Sweden’s Art Associations. exhibition compensation. SE. 18 NCP. Nordic Culture Point. Mobilitetsstoed. North. SE. Konstnärsnämnden. Travel grant. SE. Exhibition compensation, Swedish art associations. 17/18/19 Danish-Swedish Cooperation Fund. Nordic Council. 17. Danish-Norwegian Cooperation Fund. Nordic council. 07 JC Petersen and wife Fanny Petersen’s scholarship. Gutenberghus. Egmont. DK 03 BG Fund. Bikubenfonden. housing grant, Paris. FR. 02 Fund of 29/12 1967 DK. The Bielkeske Fund. DK. 01 Marie Langhoff’s Grant. DK. Augustinus Fund. DK. Velux. Fund. DK. 00 Arne Meyer’s Scholarship. Scholarship for the San Cataldo retreats. IT. 98 LF Foghts Fond. DK. Travel grant. Posterity Fund. DK. 96 Study travel to Saint Petersburg. Ministry of Culture. USSR
93-12. SMK National Gallery of Denmark Crazy Landscapes and exhibition at DPU Danish School of Education. University. Emdrup. Copenhagen/ Louisiana. Humlebaek. The Flower in Art and exhibition at The Danish House in Berlin/ Copenhagen Cultural City 1996. Mindship Foundation. Arts and Sciences. Electronic cafe and Portraits. Holmen. Zoological Museum. Past and Fables. Copenhagen Egmont Foundation’s own project. The Transformation Ball. The Visual School of Art in the Twin Hall. Valby Visual School of Art. Copenhagen Municipality. JP. Politikens Hus, Copenhagen. Copenhagen City Hall, Over the bridge, Rundetaarn. The Cisterns under Sondermarken. The miraculous altar of an underground cathedral. Frederiksberg chapel. Copenhagen. HC Andersens Museum in Odense. 200 years anniversary. The Snow Queen. Performance and installation. Odense
KRO The Artists’ National Organization. SE. BKF Visual Arts Association. DK.
BUS Image copyright in Sweden. SE
ON EARTH, IN THE SUN – Vibeke Glarbo and Anne Maria Udsen. Minimal monument of insect life at Krapperups Konsthall. Sydsvenskan June 23rd. 19 Thomas Millroth. Blinking beetles and Danish artists at Krapperups Konsthall. HD Höganäs. Text and photo: Anders Malmberg

Exhibition Remembrance in blue – Solo Anne Maria Udsen. Skilled and versatile artist at Toldboden. Kerteminde. Toldboden.
Kerteminde newspaper. Feb. 3rd. 18 Text: Kim Jørstad. Photo: Kim Andresen

Exhibition Natureality – Bodil Brems and Anne Maria Udsen. Beauty – with lurking emptiness and darkness. Kulturhuset Pakhuset. Odsherred Northwest news June 9th. 18 Text and photo: Stefan Andreasen

Exhibition Remembrance – Solo Anne Maria Udsen. She paints life and transience with great detail.
Solvesborg Konsthall. Review of March 10th. 18 BLT. Blekinge Lans Tidning. Text: Ingemar Lonnbom. Photo: Bo Aakesson

Exhibition Remembrance – Solo Anne Maria Udsen. She stops time with glowing memories and her art gives empty shells a

Exhibition Solvesborg Kunsthall. Review of March 10th. 18 South East. Text and photo: Aesa Borglin

Exhibition Silence & Echo – 6 Nordic artists. Bianca Maria Barmen / SE, Maria Wolfram / FI, Yvonne Thornqvist / SE,
Bodil Brems / DK, Anne Maria Udsen / DK SE, Maia Birkeland / NO. Art magazine – Janus. no. 1th March 18. Year 4.
Text: Anne Maria Udsen and Art historian Dea Moerch. Curated by Anne Maria Udsen